Wondering how to make your Christmas decor and accessories stand out this year? Check out the top trends that people are pinning for the 2018 holiday season

Pinterest holiday trends 2018
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The moment that the first Christmas lights start appearing on the neighborhood block, you know the holiday season has truly kicked off. Sure, you can string up the classic lights, garlands, and then some, but every year there are fresh ideas on how to amp up your home decor for the holidays. Curious what the hottest ideas and DIY Christmas accessories are? Pinterest has rounded up what people are pinning the most, sharing the top decor trends for this year.

Layered Door Mats

It might not sound super exciting right off the bat, but there’s a reason this topic has surged nearly +2869% in searches on Pinterest. The layered mats immediately add a holiday twist to your curb appeal that goes beyond boughs of holly and string lights.

Trending Table Toppers

With the flurry of holiday gatherings soon approaching, Pinterest saw creative table napkins, letterboard menus, and leaf place cards catching the eye of pinners, with napkins seeing +540% growth on Pinterest searches and menus hitting +472%. Each trend is a fun take on setting the table and mood at your holiday dinner.

Beyond the Plaid Shirt

Buffalo plaid screams wintertime, but there are creative ways to incorporate it beyond wearing a plaid shirt to a holiday soiree. Pinners are grabbing buffalo plaid (up +417%) for decor instead; one fun idea that’s trending is to use a bolt of it as a cozy table runner.

Creative Collars

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Pinners are skipping the average Christmas tree collar (up +381%) for baskets and other ways to decorate the base of their trees.

Card Collection

One of the hottest decor searches? Finding the perfect holiday card display, which has surged by +460%. There’s always a fun new way to put those holiday cards to use.

Marbled Art

Marbled ornaments have been a popular craft for a few years now, given the easy craft of swirling paint inside clear ornaments can be done by kids and adults alike. This year is no different, but pinners have surfaced trendier twists on it like indigo marbling (as seen above).

DIY Menorah

We love the minimalist style of this DIY copper menorah, another topic that Pinners have been looking into more than ever — 101% more, in fact.

Waste-Free Wrapping

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The holidays result in an extra 25 million tons of garbage from Americans, so it’s no surprise zero-waste gift wrapping is trending this holiday season. Eco-friendly strategies like reusing newspaper and cloth have been popular alternative wrapping solutions.

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