For the best results, homeowners need to put everything in neutral.

Living Room Listing Photo from Lindsay Harn
David Lalush

Homes are sitting on the market for ages these days, largely due to astronomically high interest rates. But is there a way to make your home stand out and sell faster? San Luis Obispo-based residential real estate agent Lindsey Harn has one tried-and-true tactic: Repaint your interiors.

“When you’re getting ready to sell a home, you want a blank slate—something that feels light and airy and clean,” Harn says. “You don’t want the paint or the furniture to distract from the actual bones of the house. It depends on the current condition of the home, but we often recommend coming in and repainting all of the walls.”

Bedroom Listing Photo from Lindsay Harn
Removing any photos and some furniture, as well as using a neutral paint color, can help create the “blank slate” that many homebuyers need to fully appreciate the property.

David Lalush

Harn adds that if your home hasn’t been repainted (or at least touched up) over the past 10 or more years, it’s time for a refresh. 

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When she’s working with her clients, it all starts with a consultation about prepping the home to sell. There’s also a depersonalization process, during which photos and some furniture might be taken down. At this point, scuff marks and signs of wear and tear are exposed. And, if necessary, these are the neutral paint colors Harn gravitates toward:

The architecture of your home will factor into your decision about which colors you ultimately pick for the interiors, and even a “neutral” can clash with the aesthetic. For instance, Harn says a Tuscan-style home should get freshened up with a warmer option like Swiss Coffee (as opposed to a bright white). And when in doubt, she sees Origami White as a universally solid choice.

Bathroom Listing Photo from Lindsay Harn
“Light and bright” are the key elements to focus on when you’re repainting the interior of your home before it goes on the market.

David Lalush

Another spot that you want to review is the state of your eaves or any wood siding on the outside of your home. 

“A lot of times, especially in California, these can also get a little bit worn or have signs of peeling paint,” Harn says. “Oftentimes, we will recommend a seller consider touching up siding or fascia boards, especially if they get a lot of intense sunlight.”

Exterior Listing Photo from Lindsay Harn
The exterior of a home with freshly painted eaves.

David Lalush

If you’re hesitant about repainting your home, you could have reason to leave everything as is. In a 2023 report by Zillow, the company shared that deeper hues like dark gray in living rooms and earth tones like terracotta in bathrooms were associated with increased home values.

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