Three tips for designing your own "cloffice."

So long open floor plans and hello cozy nooks. The latest trend to come from Pinterest 2021 predictions: the cloffice—a.k.a. turning a closet/unused corner into a workspace.

Ready to create your own mini at-home office? Read on for three tips to design your own.

Pinterest/Nesting with Grace

Pinterest/Nesting With Grace

Tip #1: Find the Right Closet

This is an obvious one, but the most important. When looking for the ideal “cloffice,” look for a closet or nook in your home that goes largely unused—or one you’ve been itching to declutter. Can those extra items be stored in the garage or basement? Great!

Another overlooked consideration: foot traffic. Is your proposed cloffice a narrow hallway or busy kitchen? You might want to consider a bedroom or sitting room.

Tip #2: Get the Right Tools

Setting up the right foundation for your workspace can be the difference between a frustrating day or a productive one. Make a checklist of all the things you may need—keyboard, mouse, laptop stand, headphones, etc.—and have those handy. Don’t forget other office essentials like pens and a notebook!

Tip #3: Personalize It

The last (and our favorite) step is to personalize your space. Do you have the right lighting? Is there a wallpaper you’ve always wanted to test in your home? This is your chance to add all the extras that will make your cloffice feel uniquely you.

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