Learn the secret to a thriving orchid arrangement, plus the eye-catching plants to include


An orchid can certainly stand on its own in a pot as an eye-catching houseplant. However, if you want a lusher look, you can add depth of color and texture to your orchid by creating an artful arrangement using the orchid as the focal point. You’ll need a nice-looking pot, moist sheet moss, potting bark, and soil in addition to the plants of your choice; we selected Japanese fern, Rex begonia, succulent cuttings, and an air plant as the companions to the orchid. First, nestle your repotted orchid in soil within the pot. Next, place other plants beside it in the soil, tickling their roots to open them up and removing excess soil from their original pots. Place succulents and air plant atop the soil, where desired. Tear off pieces of the moistened moss and tuck in to cover soil and create a finished look.
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