Follow these steps to repot your orchid after buying a new plant or when potting chips have decayed

You’re the proud new owner of a beautiful orchid, but you need to rescue it from its temporary home and pot it in more permanent digs. While orchids are delicate, repotting them is easy as long as you have the proper materials and these tips on hand. You’ll need a series of pots to comprise your orchid’s new home. First, a slotted pot that allows for drainage; next, a plastic liner that collects runoff water; and finally a beautiful outer pot for decorative flair. You’ll also need branches for staking, as well as potting bark and moss to cover it up. The trick is to pour boiling water over the potting bark and letting it cool before lining the slotted pot with it; the boiled water prevents bacteria from building up. Next, remove moss from the orchid’s roots and place on top of bark layer. Fill in the pot with more bark to stabilize your plant. A chopstick can be used to tamp down bark. Place inside the plastic liner and then inside the pot. Top off with moistened moss for a finished look. Swap out branches (we like dogwood) for the stakes the orchid came with; secure them with loosely tied raffia or twine.

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