Cambria, California

Sunset  – November 9, 2004

Jeanette Wolff is an artist. Windows are a recurring motif in her paintings, and window frames hang throughout her garden. She also has a junk box full of intriguing objects waiting to be incorporated into new creations. Knowing these things, relatives and friends feed her collection. And that brings us to her gate.

The starting point was a tiny window that her brother Richard salvaged from a demolished barracks at Fort Ord and gave to her. “It seemed magical,” says Wolff. “So small, square, and ‘Hobbity.'” She sketched out a design that incorporated the window, and her husband, Peter, built the gate, using redwood from an old deck. Then, Jeanette embellished it.

The faux hinges and crown are from an old kitchen table, the aged handle from her junk box, and the tiny wolf knocker, a present from a friend. Assembled in her inimitable style, say the artists’ admirers, the gate cries “Wolff.”

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