A striking greenhouse made from salvaged components

This greenhouse has an eye-pleasing appeal that belies its practicality. In spring and fall, Nancy McFadden of Eugene uses it to start cuttings. During the summer, she hangs bundles of herbs to dry in the warm air near the ceiling.

The greenhouse was designed and built by Nan and Steve Reid, Jr., a mother-and-son team whose company, the Gardener’s Dream (541/937-2419), specializes in fabricating structures from salvaged components. For McFadden’s greenhouse, recycled windows were freshly caulked, reglazed if needed, then framed between remilled cedar posts. Measuring 5 by 7 feet at its base, the structure tops out at 10 feet. Fitted with a French door (recycled, of course), the greenhouse has dark green trim to complement the colors of the house.

Greenhouses made by the Gardener’s Dream range in price from $1,800 to $8,000 (McFadden’s cost $2,200). Models are on display at Little Red Farm Nursery in Springfield, Oregon, and Nichols Garden Nursery in Albany, Oregon.

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