Make the most of a small garden

Walnut Creek, CA ― As homes grow larger and fill more of their lots, gardens are getting smaller and smaller. Landscape designers try to make every inch count. The suburban garden of David Brewster and Alvey Halloway is a perfect example of how to make the most of a small yard.

Using complementary paving materials to define each space, landscape architects Stefan Thuilot and Joseph Huettl transformed a very narrow side yard into a slate patio, gravel potting area, and a small lawn that wraps around the end of the house. Wooden walkways set flush with the patio act as bridges between the various garden areas.

A raised bed that runs the length of the patio is filled with a variety of blooming plants and foliage to help soften the tall fence. A striking two-tiered fountain provides a focal point from inside the house. Overhead, white wisteria trained on a sturdy arbor provides shade. “The arbor brings the garden down to a human scale,” a juror noted.

“The materials flow together,” said another impressed juror. “It’s such a good example of how to work with a long, narrow space.”

DESIGN: Huettl-Thuilot Associates, Lafayette, CA (925/937-6400)

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