Where to find foxglove, delphinium, verbascum and hollyhocks 

Steven R. Lorton and Lauren Bonar Swezey,  – November 12, 2004


In mild climates in fall, most nurseries sell delphiniums, foxgloves, and verbascum. Hollyhocks may not be available until spring.

Wayside Gardens (800/845-1124 or www.waysidegardens.com).

Weiss Brothers Perennial Nursery (530/272-7657 or www.plantperennials.com). Ships only until October 29 in fall; spring shipping begins February 26.


Renee’s Garden (888/880-7228 or www.reneesgarden.com).

Thompson & Morgan Seedsmen, Inc. (800/274-7333 or www.thompson-morgan.com).