Fall's a great time to pay a visit to Monrovia's Oregon demonstration garden

One of the largest producers of ornamental plants in the West, Monrovia Growers has a huge stake in knowing how well its plants perform. That’s one reason why there’s a demonstration garden at Monrovia growing grounds near Dayton, Oregon. As fall planting season gets under way, this is a good time to visit the garden and see how various trees, shrubs, and other plants might fit into your own landscape.

Paths lead you through 6 acres of arborteum-like grounds that wrap around a large pond and waterfall. Though Monrovia’s Dayton operation is strictly a wholesale growing facility, many of the plants are sold by retail nurseries.

This month look for flowering grasses such as Miscanthus ‘Cabaret’; ‘Nearly Wild’ and ‘Knockout’ roses; and perennials such as black-eyed Susan, gaura, and Russian sage. The demonstration garden in Dayton is open weekdays by appointment (because of limited parking). To arrange a time and get driving directions, call Monrovia (800/666-9321).