You can grow a lot in 4 square feet.


This little patch of soil has been planted with tomatoes, basil, chives, and cucumbers.

Learn how to grow veggies in 2-4 square feet

Ebbe Roe Yovino-Smith

Tomato, basil, chives, can grow a lot in a few square feet

Julie Chai


In a sunny 2-foot square bed, tuck a single plant. Try a really prolific variety, such as 'Sun Gold', a cherry type, or 'Early Girl', a medium slicer. Both thrive nearly everywhere in the West.


In a 3-foot square bed, grow three basils and a tomato plant. Large-leafed 'Genovese' is perfect for making pesto and for pairing with tomatoes and mozzarella in salads.


In a 4-foot square bed, add a row of chives beyond the basil, then plant a single cucumber vine ― we like sweet, crunchy, disease-resistant 'Diva'.

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