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Mail-order sources for rose plants

Lauren Bonar Swezey  – August 15, 2004

If you can’t find a certain rose at your local nursery, check the mail-order sources below. In mild climates, some vigorous shrub roses grow as climbers. The shrub rose list includes floribundas; use these types in borders and informal hedges. Plant climbers against fences or trellises, ground cover roses on slopes as edgings. (The latter stay below 2 1/2 ft. tall, except where noted.)


Arena Roses: (888) 466-7434.

David Austin Roses: (800) 328-8893.

Edmunds’ Roses: (888) 481-7673 (in Portland, Oregon area, 503/682-1476).

Heirloom Roses: (503) 538-1576.

High Country Roses: (800) 552-2082.

Jackson & Perkins: (800) 292-4769.

Regan Nursery: (510) 797-3222.

Wayside Gardens: (800) 845-1124.