Quick facts and care essentials

Sunset  – September 25, 2004

• True bulb
• Zones 1-24, 28-45, except as noted
• Full sun
• Regular watering during growth and bloom

Easy to grow and generous with their spring flowers, daffodils are classified into 12 divisions, based in part on differences in flower form; among these groups are the familiar trumpet daffodils, large- and small-cupped types, and double daffodils. Besides yellow and white, colors include shades of orange, apricot, pink, and cream.

Most kinds are hardy in the zones listed; exceptions are the fragrant Tazetta Hybrids, hardy just to 10 degrees F/-12 degrees C, and dainty hoop petticoat daffodil, hardy to about -10 degrees F/-23 degrees C.

Plant bulbs twice as deep as they are tall, spacing them about 6 to 8 inches apart.