Quick facts and care essentials

Sunset  – September 20, 2004

• Evergreen
• Zones 21-25; may grow as a root-hardy perennial in zone 26, 27
• Full sun or partial shade
• Regular watering
• Climbs by: twining

If it were grown exclusively outdoors, this lovely vine would be found in only the mildest zones. But because it thrives in pots on porch or deck, it’s one of the most widely sold vines in the country. Pure pink, 2- to 4-inch-wide flowers shaped like flaring trumpets usually bloom from spring into fall, carried against a backdrop of glossy green, 3- to 8-inch leaves. And unlike many other vines, this one blooms happily at a small size ― plants in 4-inch containers regularly produce flowers.

You’ll often find this plant identified simply by its cultivar name ― ‘Alice du Pont’ ― rather than by genus and cultivar (Mandevilla ‘Alice du Pont’).

This vine does best with rich soil. It likes sun but needs some afternoon shade in the hottest areas. Grown outdoors in its preferred warm climates, it can reach 20 to 30 feet; container-grown plants stay much lower. For in-ground as well as containerized plants, provide a trellis or similar support. Feed container plants with a complete fertilizer every 2 weeks until the end of bloom; then trim the stems back by half and bring the plant indoors or to a sheltered spot. Water regularly throughout winter. If you’re growing the plant outdoors, do any necessary pruning during the growing season.