Set the table for fall with a show-stopping arrangement of seasonal foliage, fruit, and grasses


For a lush, seasonal arrangement for fall, why only use flowers? We like to incorporate fruits and foliage in addition to blooms for a stunning look that shows off the textures and colors of autumn. The result is an eye-catching, long-lasting centerpiece that makes a great addition to a fall party tablescape or, placed on a hall console, wakes up an entryway for weeks.

We chose plants with an autumn palette in mind. Chrysanthemums are a fall flower staple and will last long as cut flowers; these burgundy mums are just gorgeous. We selected weigela stems and echinacea pods in a similar color scheme. Branches of multicolored sugar maple foliage and nut grass add a blend of wine- and green-hued foliage to the mix, while peach-colored garden roses and branches of vibrant orange persimmons complement the palette beautifully. Pomegranates and citrus would also work well in this type of arrangement.

We opted to arrange our fall centerpiece in a rectangular vessel to give the lush look space to breathe. To secure stems in place, crumple chicken wire in the vase. Start with fruit, as it’s the heaviest item; let it lean on the vase, hanging over its edge. Then tuck in foliage branches, which you can snip from your own backyard. Cluster roses in the center. Layer in playful elements, like grasses and spent flowers. If you have leftover fruit, you can arrange it before the vase for an extra-stylish touch.

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