At Freewheelin Farm, 30 to 40 crops are grown and sold through a Community Supported Agriculture program and to area restaurants

Meet Darryl Wong, a farming advocate and co-owner of Freewheelin Farm in Santa Cruz

Sunset  – April 1, 2011 | Updated May 16, 2018

Farming Advocate
Freewheelin Farm, Co-Owner

Darryl is one of three owners and co-managers of Freewheelin Farm. He and his two partners, Amy Courtney and Kirstin Yogg, manage 7 acres north of Santa Cruz on the ocean side of State 1. Together they grow a diverse range of 30 to 40 crops, which are sold both through their Community Supported Agriculture program and to restaurants in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and on the Peninsula.

Darryl is a graduate of the Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture at UC Santa Cruz and has worked in agriculture since 2004. He continues to share his passion for and knowledge of farming through speaking engagements at Eco-Farm and the Small Farm Conference. He also lectures for the UCSC Apprenticeship Program.



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