Christine Ryan

Hawk House—so named, we like to think, for its wing-like walls. Photo provided by Alex Wyndham.

Sometimes we run across something so cool, we just have to share it. Like this little sleeping shed made by Alex Wyndham, a designer based in Santa Barbara (you may remember a recent chicken coop of his that we liked a lot).

A while back, Wyndham had signed on to rebuild a friend’s cabin destroyed by the 2008 fires in Los Padres National Forest. He needed a base of operations, so for about $5,000, he built this to camp out in. “I wanted it to blend into the hillside,” Wyndham says, “and I also wanted it to be like a nursery for natives, so I planted lupines, poppies, and coastal grasses on its roof. Now you can’t see it at all from above.” Called Hawk House, the 7- by 9-foot structure has salvaged redwood bark on the walls—naturally fire-resistant—and winglike doors on either end, to let the breezes through. His friend’s place is finished now, but Wyndham still uses Hawk House a few times a year. Makes us wish we, too, had a sunny patch of slope for such a fun project.

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