It’s anyone’s guess what inspires the Donald’s famous ‘do. It very well could be one of these five plants. (You’re welcome.)

OK, So These 5 Plants Look Like Donald Trump’s Hair
Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

1. Mexican feather grass

It’s drought tolerant, it’s gorgeous, but some people think it’s invasive and should be uprooted to make room for natives. We have a feeling that Donald might agree.

2. Bonsai

Bela Tibor Kozma/Getty Images

Bonsai, like the comb over, is an ancient art form especially popular with the older crowd.

3. Cockscomb

Though cockscomb is an annual flower, it reseeds freely. That means it keeps showing up—even when you think it’s gone.

4. Yellow starthistle

Like any weed, it’s quick to dominate the field.

5. Chrysanthemum

Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images
Some call them ugly. Some call them gaudy. But we appreciate mums for their big fall show and uniqueness among other blooms.
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