A big grilling weekend is coming up—the perfect time to answer some burning questions from Sunset friends on Twitter. Here goes. And let us know if we missed your question.

Elaine Johnson  – August 30, 2013

Q: What’s your best tip for pizza done on the grill? (From @Camping4Foodies)

A: Patting out the dough on parchment paper, using oil instead of flour, works beautifully. It’s a trick I learned from Jamie Purviance. You slap the dough face-down onto the grill, then just pull off the paper with tongs. Cook that side of the dough and take it off the grill (you can even do it before guests arrive). When you’re ready to eat, put toppings on the cooked side of the dough and set it back on the grill to finish.

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Q: What’s an easy way to grill heartier greens, like kale and Swiss chard? (From @aislyngreene)

A: Two answers here: Get rid of the ribs, and don’t go past 350°. The stems and inner ribs take a long time to get tender, but the leafy part cooks fast, so cut the ribs and stems out. Keep the temp at medium-low so the leaves come out crisp but not scorched.

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Q: What’s your favorite type of whole fish to grill, and how do you like to season it? (From @MeeshieMeesh)

A: A whole salmon stuffed with bay, orange, and porcini. We got the recipe from John Fink, of the Bay Area company called The Whole Beast. He stuffs it with fresh bay leaves, but it’s also really good with dried ones that you soak in water. Delicious and really stunning for a party.

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