These are the states where delivery drivers are treated the worst and best, according to a new study.

The Worst City for Tipping Just Might Surprise You
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Internationally, the tipping culture in the U.S. has always been a subject of criticism. The idea that delivery drivers and hospitality workers can’t make a livable wage without the addition of tips indeed does seem backwards, but regardless of many restaurants and businesses trying to adapt their policies, tipping still reigns supreme. And the cities that are the best and worst tippers may surprise you—especially when it comes to locations here in the West. According to a study by Regional Foundation Repair, there’s certainly some room for improvement.

When it comes to cities, Milwaukee, Denver, and Charlotte rank the highest for always tipping food delivery people 20% and Seattle ranked the worst. And state-wise, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Virginia residents rank the highest for always tipping food delivery people 20%. Washington state ranked the worst.

And, when it comes to tipping nationwide, overall, only 75% of all American respondents tend to leave a 20% tip for food delivery people. With the federal minimum wage being $7.25 per hour, and the cost of living and inflation being at all-time highs, hospitality workers who don’t get tipped really get the short end of the stick. Perhaps not shockingly, women (42%) are more likely than men (33%) to always tip their food delivery driver 20%.

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So, next time you’re enjoying your Postmates, be sure to show some gratitude for your driver, and some pride in your state.