From the best wines to drink to picturesque tasting rooms to visit, we cover it all.

Wines from Wine Issue
Thomas J. Story

Wine is a beautiful thing to behold on so many levels. The wine itself is sheer liquid poetry: the viscosity, color, aroma, and, yes of course, taste add up to a multi-sensory experience that makes us appreciate how nature and human effort can combine and morph and become greater than the sum of their parts.

And in recent years the artistry surrounding the liquid has gone through many profound evolutions. Always an opportunity for expression, the labels on wine bottles are more vivid and graphically arresting than ever. Tasting rooms have broken the mold and are now about so much more than just sipping a few glasses and moving along to the next winery on the tour. The best ones are, by turns, lounge-like, high-design, modernist, immersive, and more comfortable than ever. They invite us to linger and savor the moment even more. And wine country hotels have raised the bar on hospitality, avoiding the standard wine-country clichés, offering more chic and luxurious rooms and dining experiences that make these properties destinations in and of themselves.

We cover all of this and more in the pages of this, our annual wine issue (read the whole thing below), which we release to celebrate the best of wine in the West and to announce the winners of this year’s Sunset International Wine Competition. The worthy entrants are all practitioners of the storied art of wine making. Let’s raise a glass to their artistry in a bottle. Head here to see all the winners.

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