The Sunset Wine Club perfectly pairs standout wines with recipes from the magazine. See our favorite wine pairings here.

Wine Bottles on Shelf
Bottles on a shelf at Santa Monica's Crudo e Nudo restaurant. Photo by Thomas J. Story.

The wines of the West are an integral part of the lifestyle that we celebrate in our pages—and the Sunset Wine Club is the essence of that mission in a glass. 

We’ve partnered with premier online wine retailer Wine Access to curate the perfect mix of reds and whites to drink every season, produced by top growers and vintners in California, Oregon, Washington, and beyond. Each quarterly shipment is $120.

Even better, the bottles have been selected to go with the recipes and menus in our magazine. Just look for the Sunset Wine Club “Perfect Pairing” sidebar when you’re paging through an issue of Sunset. For our 2024 Wellness Issue, we found that several bottles pair perfectly with recipes from Santa Monica’s Crudo e Nudo seafood restaurant: a citrus-forward Yakima Valley Pinot Grigio that harmonizes with fennel-dusted abalone; a crisp Columbia Valley Sauvignon Blanc that cuts buttery halibut; and a surprisingly deep Chardonnay made for tomatoey clams.

Sign up for the Sunset Wine Club and you’re not just getting wine shipments. You’re getting a taste of the magazine’s featured selections, and the captivating story behind each bottle. It’s an invitation to sit and sip at the Sunset table. Read on for the latest perfect pairings.

Recipes and Wine Pairings for the 2024 Wellness Issue

Crudo e Nudo Abalone

Thomas J. Story

2022 Adelia Pinot Grigio, Yakima Valley, Washington: This wine has loads of citrus and florals and a chamomile note that brings out the fennel in the abalone recipe.

Recipe: Abalone Sashimi Crudo

Crudo e Nudo Halibut
Halibut Crudo

Thomas J. Story

2022 Metier by DeLille Cellars Sauvignon Blanc, Columbia Valley: The buttery halibut is perfectly cut by this crisp wine with herbal flavors.

Recipe: Halibut Crudo

Crudo e Nudo Clams

Thomas J. Story

2021 Le Vigne Chardonnay, Paso Robles: The depth and ripe fruit in this wine stand up to the complexity of the clams, while the touch of salinity in the wine mirrors the seafood flavors.

Recipe: Clams + Fresh Tomato

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