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And if you need further encouragement as to why, here are a few convincing reasons:

  1. 2018 marked the ninth straight year of record spirits sales and volumes, reflecting continued market share gains.
  2. Sunset is the single most trusted resource for the Western audience—and those who aspire to live the Western lifestyle— on travel and gardening, food and drink, and home design.
  3. The Sunset audience’s median home value of $404,056 makes it one of the HIGHEST for all magazines.
  4. Sunset is the definitive lifestyle brand of the modern American West.
  5. Sunset has 4 million readers of its print magazine…
  6. …and 1.2 million+ unique website visitors…
  7. …plus 980K social followers.
  8. Sunset readers appreciate Sunset‘s commitment to the wine and spirits industry and count on the magazine to expand their wine and spirits knowledge. 

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