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Scrolling through TikTok or Instagram, it’s easy to feel like I’m the only person who isn’t gallivanting around Europe—Aperol spritz in hand, of course. But as it turns out, those same sources have also revealed the next best thing: A viral cocktail that can make you feel like you’re on the Amalfi Coast.

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In a TikTok shared by creator @kennedygracej, you can see a fruity, fizzy cocktail coming together. And with nearly 2 million views (and counting!), this video is encouraging everyone to take the classic Aperol spritz to the next level. Here are the components of this souped-up spritz: 

Aperol and prosecco are classic ingredients to this popular cocktail, but the surprise elements are Poppi and—perhaps the star of the show—orange sherbet. Most often, people add in club soda, but the purportedly “better for you” Poppi soda brings in more orange flavor and prebiotics to boot. And do we even need to explain the sherbet? This supplies flavor and substitutes the need for ice that will inevitably water down your drink. But for those who are dairy-intolerant, orange sorbet is an excellent substitute that won’t ruin your evening.

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Some anti-Aperol Spritzers claim that the drink is slightly too bitter, but the Poppi and sherbet should add just what you need to sweeten up this cocktail. This could also work with orange-flavored La Croix, if you want an even simpler soda for the mixture.

Whether you see this as an upgrade to your aperitivo or a refreshing dessert to cap off a meal, you can’t go wrong with this twist on the Aperol spritz. And to be fair, it’s a much more affordable alternative to a European excursion.

For another Aperol Spritz-inspired treat, we highly recommend whipping up this Aperol Spritz Shave Ice.

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