Chef de cuisine Louis Le Gassic (right) shares Bay Wolf cofounder Michael Wild's love of simple, seasonal cooking.
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Enjoy duck and Pinot Noir the Bay Wolf way


During its 30-year run, Bay Wolf in Oakland, California, has become known more than any other restaurant for one ingredient and one wine: duck and Pinot Noir.

Cofounder Michael Wild pairs the wine through the year with duck and seasonal partners: In the summer, duck appears with a Pinot sauce and berries; in the fall, it's Gravensteins and celery root; in winter, turnips and their greens; and in the spring, radishes sautéed in a little butter and lemon juice.

Wild's mushroom tartlets and duck with bitter greens, which we've adapted from his Bay Wolf Restaurant Cookbook, are our new favorite fall Pinot partners.

Little Mushroom Tarts

Wine pairing
Pick a Pinot Noir with earthy loam and mushroom notes to echo the mushrooms in the tarts.

Pinot-Braised Duck with Spicy Greens

Wine pairing
A Pinot with both minerals and good fruit will bring out the best in the greens.

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