A cold brew-inspired red for those who love coffee as much as wine

Apothic Brew Caffeinated Wine
Courtesy of Apothic Wine

What do you do when the fear of wine-induced sleepiness deters you from pouring a glass of your favorite red?

The Spanish long ago mastered the form of caffeinated vino known as kalimotxo, a chilled drink made with red wine and cola. Now, the innovative label Apothic Wine (which has already released a red blend aged in whiskey barrels) is trying its hand at the combo with their newest product, Apothic Brew.

The coffee-infused red blend, which was inspired by cold brew’s smooth flavor and delicate brewing method, won’t necessarily keep you up at night, nor will it shock your taste buds in a morning brew type of way. More similar to a full-bodied red than to your Starbucks order, winemakers say the wine carries subtle notes of velvety chocolate, red fruit, and coffee.

The limited-edition blend hit stores nationwide earlier this month. It could make a surprising addition to your next brunch gathering or happy hour. Will you give it a try?