Emma Wartzman

This week’s throwback comes in the form of (mostly) photographs. It's a love letter to California. At Sunset, we do our best to give the entire West due admiration, but there is something undeniably special about this state—and not just because it’s the one we call home. These were all taken by Karl Obert over the course of about 30 years, from the time he moved from his native Europe to California (with a brief stint in Illinois in-between). The pictures range from being taken in the 1920s to the 50s (the book, titled This is California, was published in 1957), as more and more people were venturing across the country, discovering, settling and making their mark on this beautiful land. If I could scan all 214 photographs, I would. But for now, here are a just a handful of my favorites—a small glimpse into the history of the golden state.

(All captions are as they appear in Obert's book.)

San Diego Waterfront


Fairytale Castle, Disneyland


Long Beach


San Francisco Ferry Building


Chinatown, San Francisco


San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge


Lassen Peak Highway


Winter in Yosemite


Joshua Trees, Apple Valley


Wandering Hills


Grazing Pack Mulse, High Sierra


Ghost Town of Bodie


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