The new flavors have “European finesse,” according to the company

La Croix fiends can prepare for an exciting 2020. The brand has announced two new flavors of its obsessively consumed sparkling water: Limoncello and Pastèque (that’d be watermelon, for those non-French speakers among us).

“With European finesse and unique flavor innovation, our exciting new LimonCello and Pastèque are joining the LaCroix family of flavors and will be launched nationally in early 2020,” writes a representative for National Beverage Corp., the company behind the bubbly beverage and other fizzy brands like Faygo, Big Shot, and Ritz.

A case of watermelon la croix
A box of LimonCello La Croix

La Croix has had a meteoric rise in the past few years, from lesser-known Midwest brand to pop culture phenomenon. Fans have strong opinions on which flavors are superior (editor’s note: definitely not coconut), wear La Croix-branded merchandise, and are always on the hunt for less commonly found flavors.

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The craze for sparkling water, including brands like Waterloo and Spindrift, has given way to hard seltzer, a genre of alcoholic beverages capitalizing on the public’s thirst for fizzy, fruit-flavor-laced drinks. Whiteclaw, Bon & Viv, and Fick’s are newly minted contenders for space in the beer aisle, clocking in at around four to five percent ABV per 12 ounce can.

For the non-alcoholic crowd, however, good old fashioned sparkling water remains the go-to. Stay tuned for La Croix’s newest options in early 2020.

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