It just takes a few low-lift accompaniments to turn canned soup into a full meal. Start with the right soup, though.

Home cooks know that few things are more delicious and soul-satisfying than a bowl of soup built on a mirepoix of diced onions and carrots sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, with the layers of flavor that can only come from fresh herbs, tomatoes, and other organic vegetables simmered low and slow. Home cooks also know that nothing is better than having someone else do all of that work for you!

Thanks to our friends at Amy’s Kitchen you can be enjoying a warming meal in minutes with the help of their line of delicious canned soups. We love that they’re organic, use all the same high-quality ingredients we’d shop for ourselves, and offer an array of globally-inspired varieties (plus the handy pop-top lid makes it even easier). We’ve paired a few of our favorite Amy’s soups with just the right toppings and fast flourishes to transform soup into a mealtime savior for any taste. 

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