I was inside the test kitchen yesterday, waiting to show our hives to a visitor from  The New York Times, and a bee flew in the open door.EEK!She probably smelled the honey we had wrapped up on the table waiting to process.  Or perhaps she was just curious.  Either way, she got trapped on the window— you know the way flying bugs get trapped trying to leave through the closed window.  Poor thing.  She worked herself up into a frenzy.

I tried frantically to wave her out the door.  I was, of course, not panicking for myself, but worrying about what could happen if she flew farther indoors, into the offices of my coworkers who are allergic to honey bees.  That would not be good.I first tried distracting her with the beeswax we had for show in the kitchen.  Not interested; much too busy trying to break the glass with her buzzing.Then I had another idea. AH HA! I quickly unwrapped the tray of honey, stuck my finger in to get it nice and gooey, went up to the window and held it out to her.  Nothing like honey for a good distraction.  She stuck out her little proboscis (tongue) and started sipping.  I then easily walked out the door—closing it behind me—with her on my finger and giggled in delight as she sipped (her proboscis really tickled underneath my fingernail!) until she’d filled her little belly with the sweetness.I searched for someone to share this moment with, but everyone was inside, bent over their computers transmitting our December issue. I was left alone outside.So I thought I’d share the moment with you. And now you know, if you ever get a honey bee stuck in your house, dip your finger in some honey and follow my lead.

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