Add bright flavor to a variety of dishes

Citrus Sugar

Last spring, a busload of Swedish food editors, including my old friend Astrid Abrahamsson, stopped by for a visit on their annual research and recreation expedition, and we cooked lunch together at Sunset.

They went wild over our thick beef steaks, which we grilled, and the fruit, which they cut up and moistened with orange and lemon juices. The final touch was a new twist for me: lime sugar ― grated peel (enough to add color as well as flavor) mixed with sugar.

Citrus sugars can also be made with lemon, orange, or grapefruit. All are long-lasting, with even more uses than cinnamon sugar. They add a wonderful aromatic dimension as well as taste to any fresh fruit. I also sprinkle them over plain yogurt or onto toast (they’re particularly tasty on raisin toast). Citrus sugars also make great flavorings for whipped cream.

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