Tip from the test kitchen

Molly Watson,  –  January 31, 2006

Plenty of home cooks have kitchen scissors, but few people makemuch use of them. Yet scissors fit some tasks much better thanknives do. Here are a few of our favorite uses.

Carve chicken. Make this job easier by using scissors toremove backbones and cut breastbones.

Chop bacon. Quickly and easily cut bacon, pancetta, andother fatty cured meats into small pieces.

Cut canned tomatoes. Minimize mess by using scissors to”chop” them right in the can. Drain off some of the liquid first,then point scissors down and get to work.

Chop cooked greens. Cut large pieces of spinach and othercooked greens in the pan after cooking.

Mince herbs. Add color and flavor to dishes by snippingfresh herbs into tiny pieces for garnish.

Trim green beans. Cut off the ends in a snap.

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