Propane gas tank exchange

According to the Barbecue Industry Association, 85 percent of households in this country have barbecues, and 60 percent of them are fueled by propane gas. But not only do propane gas tanks need refilling now and then at qualified service facilities, they also tend to get rusty and worn out by the elements.

Blue Rhino now offers a fresh solution to both problems. At any of its 26,000 locations nationwide (including major home-supply chains like Home Depot and Orchard Supply Hardware), you can swap your empty, worn, even old gas tank for a full, clean, refurbished, safety-inspected one, for just $2 to $3 more than a standard refill costs. What’s more, Blue Rhino tanks have a simple label device that shows when they contain less than enough fuel for two hours of grilling (the absence of an indicator is known to lead to major crises, when the flames die out under half-cooked steaks).

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To locate a Blue Rhino tank exchange near you, go to and enter your zip code, or call (800) 258-7466. Be sure to specify whether you need a threaded or quick-coupling valve (gas grills vary).

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