Follow these 4 easy steps to clean your calamari

1. Separate squid into pieces Wearing rubber gloves, grasp tentacles with 1 hand and body with another; gently pull in opposite directions, separating tentacles from body, or tube (innards will stay attached to tentacles). Set tube aside.

2. Separate tentacles from innards Using a paring knife and working on a cutting board, cut tentacles off just above the eyes. Discard innards and eyes.

3. Clean tentacles From center of tentacles, squeeze out and discard the hard nubbin (beak).

4. Clean tube Slice tube lengthwise on 1 side and scrape out insides with the point of a paring knife, discarding clear cellophane-like backbone. Pull off wings from outsides of tube and discard. Use your fingers to lift skin away from tube, then peel off and discard. Rinse out tubes and set aside with tentacles. 

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