A low-fat cheesecake for every taste, whether you crave pure chocolate or berries and cream

In a perfect world, indulging in desserts would leave no evidence. And even in a big slice of cheesecake, calories and fat wouldn’t count.

Well, the world still isn’t flawless, but cheesecake has moved a bite closer to “perfection” without losing those rich, creamy qualities we crave.

The reason is simple ― more dairy options with a healthier attitude are at your fingertips. The old nonfat and low-fat standards have been joined by a growing number of new products. And fresh nonfat yogurt cheese is still one of the best-kept secrets in the kitchen. You have to make your own, but, fortunately, it takes almost no effort.

So now you can make guilt-free cheesecakes in any style you yearn for ― velvety and dense, fluffy and fragile, plain or flavored, traditional or new wave. Take your pick.

The skinny on dairy

When fat is removed from milk, cheese, or yogurt, the milk solid and milk sugar content increase proportionally, significantly raising the calcium (and protein and carbohydrate) levels. These dramatic differences may influence your choice of ingredients.

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