Deviled cucumber cups (left); Food editor Margo True preparing the feast (right)

Remember when we raised hens, kept bees, and attempted to time-share a Jersey cow named Adelaide?

That was all part of our One-Block Diet, a quest we launched in 2007 to live off our own land. We made cheese, bottled wine, grew a bounty of beautiful, fresh produce, and even harvested salt from ocean water—all right outside our office in Menlo Park.

Harvesting 'Yukon Gold' potatoes (left); planting a serrano chile seedling (right)

Team Bee harvested honey from our garden

Sure, we ran into some bumps in the road (like when poor Ophelia had to be taken to the chicken ER…). But we were ambitious. And for all our hard work, we were rewarded with many beautiful meals and the prestigious 2009 James Beard Award in the food blog category.

Many of you followed our award-winning One-Block saga here on Westphoria, where Sunset bloggers Erika Ehmsen, Elizabeth Jardina, Rick LaFrentz, Amy Machnak, Johanna Silver, Margaret Sloan, and Margo True divulged their many trials and triumphs in going full locavore.

Sunset bloggers and One-Blockers

It’s not too late for you to try it, too. Order your copy of The One-Block Feast, which has everything you need to know to successfully live off your own land—from how to raise bees to a multi-course yard-to-table dinner menu. Your backyard awaits.

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