Got any good ash?

As if we needed an excuse, we’ve thought up another good reason to fire up our gorgous Mugnaini pizza oven. When the wood fire cools off, we’re left with plenty of ash, which should make our morel patch very happy. At least I hope it will.

In the wild, morels spring up in areas where there have been forest fires. So I figure a shovelful of ash into the compost bowl that we sprinkle over our morel patch each week will help the morels do their underground magic in time for a good spring harvest.

In case you don’t have a pizza oven and you are  growing morels, you can “harvest” ash left from a wood fire in the fireplace or from a charcoal  grill, if you use natural charcoal  (the kind without any added coal, which makes brands like Kingsford burn so reliably).


Here’s Brianne, spreading this week’s compost and ash offering over our patch.

Eat up, morels!

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