The healthy-ish food items drop September 15

Target's New Food Line
Courtesy of Target

It’s time to add another favorite to the ever-growing list of things you definitely don’t need from Target but will probably buy anyway. (We’re talking about all those decorative vases that somehow always end up in your cart.) The affordable superstore just announced its newest in-house food brand, Good & Gather. The healthy-ish grocery line hits Target stores on September 15, and focuses on “great food—from dairy and produce to ready-made pastas, meats and more—made for real life.” Like the store’s new Everspring natural cleaning line, this food and drink line goes for a health-forward approach with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, synthetic colors, or high-fructose corn syrup.

Courtesy of Target

The new brand will be broken down into five sections: core (think pantry essentials), kid-focused, organic, seasonal, and premium signature. Overall, you can expect to see your basic weekday must-haves like organic honey nut hoops, blue corn flaxseed tortilla chips, vanilla almond milk, low-sodium granola bars, and dried fruit. There are also quite a few offerings with potential to rise to the same level of Trader Joe’s cult status (who doesn’t love its popular soup dumplings?), like the avocado toast salad kit, probiotic chocolate sea salt granola, beet hummus, and heat-and-serve roasted poblano mac and cheese.

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While the initial drop of Good & Gather introduces 600+ items to Target stores this fall, you’ll have to wait until late 2020 to see the full roster of the brand’s 2,000+ food and drink products.