It’s been two weeks since I started my crazy project for creating homemade fish emulsion, and I know you’ve all been holding your breath, waiting for news about how it’s coming along. Well, let’s just say it’s been 90° here, and the whole rotting process seems to be...progressing. I braved a closer look yesterday so you could have the details.


The fish emulsion container, looking perfectly innocuous


As long as it’s closed, the Vittles Vault airtight seal keeps most of the odor at bay. (I brought along a clothespin for my nose, just in case.)

Open that puppy up, though, and WHOA. You can see that the sardines are getting nice and juicy. I closed the container immediately, but when my family came outside 5 minutes later to pick plums, well, words were spoken and gasping sounds were uttered.


The fish are looking less fish-like, which is good, I guess

So I’m going to give the emulsion another 2 weeks to...emulsify. And at this point, I might not open the container every day, even though the original instructions said to.

But just wait. Once this stuff goes on the garden, my plants are going to be so happy and healthy that it will all be worth it. Right?


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