A tray of our sodden, post-brew malted barley and wheat. Good only for livestock? We think not.


Yesterday, Team Beer gathered all its painstakingly malted grain and forged ahead with brewing. More to come on what was an epic and we hope ultimately rewarding day of beermaking.

For now, though, I have to ask a question of any all-grain beermakers who might be reading this:

Can that wet mash (all the sodden, crushed barley and wheat left from brewing) be used to make bread?

I've read about this "spent grain" being used to grow shiitake mushrooms and to feed cattle, pigs, and yaks, of all things. Supposedly it makes great compost.

Determined searching reveals a recipe for Beer Bread   (thank you, and one for a wild yeast bread using spent grains (from a great little blog called Homegrown Evolution).  Now it's Team Kitchen's turn. Our goal: a few shaggy, crusty loaves using nothing but spent grain and whatever else we've produced as part of our one-block diet.

Any and all advice appreciated.

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