A notable tomato grower: Think your tomato plants are out of control? This guy grew almost 11,000 tomatoes this year. In his Southern California yard. For real, peoples. Think about how much sauce that could make! Think of all the lycopene! Think of the storage space! (Los Angeles Times)

Wait, there's more! The blog Tomato Casual (it's an entire tomato blog; who knew?) has found the 11,000-tomatoes man's blog. Read Bill Anderson's precise growing log here.

So cute and craft-tacular: If eating and admiring tomatoes aren't enough for you, have you considered sewing them? Sublime Stitching, the funky Austin-based home of the world's hippest embroidery, is selling some adorable patterns in their I Luv Veggies series ($3.50). To see what the embroidery looks like on actual kitchen towels, check out this blog. (Knits With Carrots)

A  tomato pep talk: Love this inspiring post from Seattle blogger Deborah Gardner. Everybody needs a reassuring round of "You're a good gardener" every once in a while. (Go Frolic)

Not about tomatoes, but about local eating: On this blog, we're down with the local-eating thing. But not like this. Seriously, just look at this URL: You've just gotta click it, right? (Ask Metafilter.) 

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