Revel in all that ricotta has to offer!

Ricotta is one of those cheeses that people don’t necessarily just pick up and buy at the store to keep in the fridge the way one might parmesan or a good sharp cheddar. We’re here to show you why ricotta should definitely make its way to the top of your list of grocery staples. It’s super versatile and can be used as a spread for toast, a creamy and rich addition to pasta, or as a dairy base for baking.

Ricotta is traditionally made with the leftover wheys created from making other types of cheese, though it can also be made at home with just whole milk and some lemon juice. I remember the first time I made cheat ricotta with a gallon of milk and a squeeze of lemon and watched the curds separate. It was so exciting to see it come together into a soft block wrapped in cheesecloth.

Though I must say, the homemade ricotta I made through high school to layer lasagnas that would be served as a main course at family dinners doesn’t have anything on the whole-milk ricotta from Bellwether Farms. A few years ago, the experts at Bellwether took us through a crash course on making ricotta at home. Since then, they’ve expanded their availability from local California grocers and in-person purchase at their creamery to a presence at major retail locations like Whole Foods, Ralphs, Erewhon, Gelson’s, and more across the country. Sold in its original draining basket, their unique ricotta is known for its pillowy texture.

Whether you’re craving something sweet like cheesecake or a hearty flapjack breakfast, try out the recipes below that highlight the soft cheese. We promise you’ll consider it to be a superior cheese in no time.

Our Favorite Ricotta Recipes

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