These spring showstoppers are the most delicious way to end your winter cooking hibernation.

Grilled Vegetable Paella
Iain Bagwell

The first full month of spring has arrived! In April, we can finally start enjoying the bounties of fresh produce in the West that spring and summer have to offer. And if you’ve been getting bored of your winter home cooking, we have some showstopping recipes to help you burst out of your hibernation. 

Veggies like artichokes, zucchini, peas, and avocados are just starting to come back in season. To enjoy these spring favorites, whip up an artichoke, leek, and fontina frittata, or bake a savory spring galette that would make a beautiful centerpiece at any spring dinner party. We’ve also found ways to incorporate these seasonal veggies into tasty, wow-worthy small bites like rockfish ceviche tostadas with avocado and bruschetta topped with goat cheese and artichoke. 

But before you dive into spring produce, be sure to savor the last of the freshest winter veggies, like turnips and broccoli. You can craft the stunning Turnips Anna, our take on the classic French Pommes Anna usually made with potatoes, or throw together the tangerine beef and broccolini, utilizing winter citrus as well. 

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For dessert, we can’t wait to take advantage of the delicious fruits coming into season right now, including strawberries, apricots, and rhubarb, which we’ll be enjoying until the fall. Our rhubarb and hazelnut crumble is a delectable, well-balanced treat, and our strawberry tallcake (yes, not shortcake) is sure to wow dinner guests. 

Whether you’re cooking for a party or a partner, these showstopping recipes will bring all the excitement that spring has to offer right to your table. Enjoy our favorite April recipes in starters and salads, mains, and desserts, listed below. 

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