Give the classic Hawaiian frozen treat two new twists

Treat yourself to a taste of the islands: try our homemade Hawaiian shave ice recipes. If you crave a bright, tropical flavor, opt for the pineapple-mango variation, or for something completely different, try the plum version.

To make the pineapple-mango syrup, start by heating pineapple cubes, sliced mango, sugar, and water over the stove in a deep pan. Let the fruits simmer. After the fruity mixture cools, it’s time to puree using a blender or food processor until a syrupy consistency has formed. Strain the mixture into a liquid measuring cup, disposing of any leftover chunks. Be sure to store the syrup in the fridge to keep it cool.

The process is the same for the plum syrup—just switch up the fruits! Substitute red-skinned plums for pineapple and mango. After the mixture has cooled, add lemon juice before pureeing. A hint of zest complements the plum flavor nicely. Once the syrups have been strained and chilled, it’s time to make the shaved ice. You can use a shave-ice machine to give the ice a fluffier texture, or a food processor if that’s what’s available. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the bottom of a tall glass to create a decadent base. Pour ice about ¾ of the way then add syrup and condensed milk to your liking. Add coconut flakes for a crunchy topping, and then dig in. Enjoy this filling and fun treat as you dream of sun-filled days.

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