22 Mouth-Watering Burger Recipes

Build a better burger with these delicious ideas for succulent patties, fresh toppings, sauces, and more

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Arc Burgers

For these extremely flavorful, deluxe burgers, Noah von Blöm, chef at Arc restaurant in Costa Mesa, California, mixes ground rib-eye with boneless short ribs and bacon. Then he sizzles the patties in a cast-iron skillet set in the coals of a wood fire. At the restaurant, each one weighs a full pound. “People get up from their tables to take pictures,” he says. (Our version is a still-mighty half-pound.) Although you can build a wood fire as von Blöm does, for this grill-friendly version, he suggests charcoal briquets and fruit wood chunks.

Recipe: Arc Burgers

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Ancho Chile Burgers with Grilled Onions and Chipotle Mayo

A burger with kick that pairs beautifully with Zinfandel.

Recipe: Ancho Chile Burgers with Grilled Onions and Chipotle Mayo

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Cherry and Brie Burgers with Rosemary and Grilled Onion

These are only quarter-pounders, but they look heftier because the meat is mixed with ground dried cherries and a little bulgur. The seasonings and cheese take the cherries in a savory direction, keeping the burgers from being too sweet.

Recipe: Cherry and Brie Burgers with Rosemary and Grilled Onion

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Camembert Burgers

A so-rich-yet-you-can't-resist entry into the best burger recipes hall of fame. Recipe: Camembert Burgers
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New Mexico Green Chile and Frito Burgers

Give this Southwest-inspired burger a little kick with some chipotle BBQ mayo and grilled green chiles.

Recipe: New Mexico Green Chile and Frito Burgers

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Northwest Crabcake Burgers

Top this luscious crabcake patty with a Portland pickle mayo and fresh herbs for a tangy and satisfying bite.

Recipe: Northwest Crabcake Burgers

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Hawaiian Pig-Out Burgers

For a taste of the tropics, top this burger with a combination of sweet and salty spam and pineapple. Finish it with some grilled Maui onion. You can use a grilled Hawaiin sandwich roll for the bun or thick slices from a Hawaiin sweet bread loaf.

Recipe: Hawaiian Pig-Out Burgers

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Idaho Lamb Burgers

For a tasty twist on a lamb burger, try stacking it with crispy potato chive cakes and Idaho mustard spread. We used Idaho's Lava Lake lamb (lavalakelamb.com) and Lark's Meadow Farms Dulcinea, a Basque-style raw sheep's-milk cheese, also from Idaho (larksmeadowfarms.com).

Recipe: Idaho Lamb Burgers

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SoCal Veggie Burgers

We used Amy's Kitchen veggie burgers, sold at most grocery stores, for this vegetarian option. Top the patty with edamame hummus and carrot slaw for a tasty combination.

Recipe: SoCal Veggie Burgers

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BLT Chicken Burgers

Jazz up a basic chicken burger with sharp cheddar, parmesan, and garlic ― then top with crisp bacon, juicy tomatoes, and lettuce.

Recipe: BLT Chicken Burgers

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Hawaiian Pork Burgers

Sweet barbecue sauce and zingy pineapple are a natural combo, and the English muffin "buns" are just the right size for the burgers. Recipe: Hawaiian Pork Burgers
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The Classic Burger

These patties get extra flavor from a meaty mix of onion, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, and egg. Make the patties ahead of time and pack them in a cooler with your favorite accompaniments.

Recipe: The Classic Burger

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Grass-fed Burgers with Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

Top grass-fed burger with a sauce of smoked chiles, brown sugar, ketchup, molasses, orange juice concentrate, and garlic. The sauce is also excellent on grilled chicken and ribs.

Recipe: Grass-fed Burgers with Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

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Pistachio, Lamb, and Beef Burgers

Arabic spices meet the Persian touch of pistachios in the kefta (skewered ground meat) at Mamnoon in Seattle, where the food combines the owners’ Syrian, Lebanese, and Persian heritage with chef Garrett Melkonian’s Armenian background. We opted for an easier version: burgers.

Recipe: Pistachio, Lamb, and Beef Burgers

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Puttanesca Meatball Sliders

Transform the Italian meatball sandwich into the perfect appetizer: Make it bite-size, and add an olive-caper sauce.

Recipe: Puttanesca Meatball Sliders

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Lamb Burgers with Pea and Mint Relish

These juicy burgers served on crusty bread are a nice alternative to traditional beef burgers. Roasted piquillo peppers or regular roasted red peppers add a sweet, clean flavor.

Recipe: Lamb Burgers

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Mediterranean Burgers

Olives, feta, and fresh herbs pack a flavorful punch in these patties. This could become your new summer burger standby.

Recipe: Mediterranean Burgers

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Lamb Burger Pitas with Two-Pepper Chutney

A quick and spicy pepper sauce jazzes up these lamb-stuffed pita pockets. Serve with a cool cucumber salad and yogurt dressing.

Recipe: Lamb Burger Pitas with Two-Pepper Chutney

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Korean Kimchi Burgers

Follow the recipe to make your own kimchi, or take a shortcut and use the condiment ready-made from the store. Pair the burgers with a beer with balanced malt and hops like Saigon Export.

Recipe: Korean Kimchi Burgers

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Grilled Turkey and Zucchini Burgers

Try this recipe for a twist on summer burgers. The addition of shredded zucchini makes the burgers oh-so-juicy and healthy.

Recipe: Grilled Turkey and Zucchini Burgers

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The Hatch Burger

At Umami Burger restaurants in Los Angeles and San Francisco, these juicy, full-flavored, mildly spicy burgers are seasoned with Umami Dust and Umami Master Sauce (order at umami.com/shop). Soy sauce makes a good substitute.

Recipe: The Hatch Burger

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The Perfect Sunset Burger

Start with the right meat, then follow our 10-step recipe below. You'll be turning out one great burger after another. Prep and cook time: 30 minutes. Plus: See how to grind your own meat and make 5 delicious variations.

Recipes: The Perfect Sunset Burger

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Italian Burgers

These burgers get a distinctive tang from giardiniera, an Italian mix of pickled vegetables. If you can’t find it at the store, chop up olives and pickles instead.

Recipe: Italian Burgers