Make your campsite morning memorable with this inventive breakfast delight.

Eggs on Potato Chips
Thomas J. Story

Make your campsite morning memorable with this inventive breakfast delight.


Breakfast at the campground  doesn’t always have to mean plain ol’ granola bars and apples. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with the reliable oats-and-fruit combo, but it can get a bit boring. With this easy breakfast casserole, you get a hot dish that will warm your belly for the entire morning. Even better—you can make the entire dish in just one pan. And when you’re camping, one-skillet meals are a time saver that will spare you a lengthy clean-up for a bunch of different pots and pans.

The main star of this breakfast dish: potato chips. It might not sound like it would work, but believe us, the results are spectacular. The ruffled chips keep their crunch, and the final product will remind you of super thin, crispy hash browns. There’s a bit of heat in this casserole thanks to the chopped green chile, although you can certainly leave that out if you’re not a fan of spice. Fresh herbs add a nice, subtle fragrance to the eggs, too. But again, if cilantro isn’t your favorite, feel free to omit it.

Now, onto the recipe. To make this breakfast casserole, start by melting clarified butter in a pan. Add chopped onion, garlic, ginger, and green chile into the skillet. After those ingredients are tossed and ready, add the cilantro. Mix everything together, then add potato chips to the pan and gently toss. Keep the potato chips whole or use your hands to crunch them into smaller pieces—it’s up to you. Make four nests in the potato chip mixture and crack an egg open into each nest. Add a bit of water, cover the pan with a lid, and steam until the egg whites set. When the egg whites are set, take the lid off and add salt, pepper, and cilantro on top. Now it’s enjoy your easy-as-pie campsite brunch!

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