Vanilla ice cream + crisp oatmeal cookies + chocolate coating = an addictive homemade spin on “It’s-It,” a San Francisco Bay Area favorite

San Francisco Bay Area locals have been longtime fans of It’s-It, the chocolate-coated oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwich. Our take on the classic Bay Area treat shows you how to make your own at home! With our recipe, you can create the ice cream sandwich completely from scratch, from the vanilla ice cream to the crisp oatmeal cookies to the chocolate shell (a.k.a. homemade Magic Shell). However, if you’re looking for a shortcut (no judgment!), you can opt to buy the ice cream and/or the cookies at the store and make the chocolate shell yourself—it’s so easy. No matter how you concoct these cookie ice cream sandwiches, the end result will no doubt be an instant hit at any party.


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