The brand has just launched with three botanical blends.

Katy Perry with De Soi beverage brand
Dana Boulos

We’ve had our ear to the ground as we explore the rise in popularity of nonalcoholic cocktails and botanical spirits across the West. To add to the buzz in this growing space, pop star Katy Perry just partnered with one of the leading brands to launch a line of ready-to-drink, booze-free apéritifs.

In partnership with AMASS, the new De Soi drinks are botanical-based beverages that take advantage of natural adaptogens, or herbal substances, to help customers “find pleasure without the proof,” as noted online. Multiple botanicals are combined in each offering. The De Soi team shares a glossary on their website of every botanical used to help consumers understand the effects of each ingredient.

AMASS offers a range of self-care products, spirits, and hard seltzers, but recently added a zero-proof bottle to its lineup. Called Riverine, it incorporates botanical ingredients like coriander, orris root, and juniper to create what is considered “not a gin proxy,” the team writes online, but rather “a nuanced, sophisticated spirit in its own right.” 

Katy Perry's De Soi variety pack
De Soi’s nonalcoholic beverages come in bottles and cans.

Jennelle Fong

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The new line of beverages, co-founded by Perry and AMASS co-founder Morgan McLachlan, consists of three types of nonalcoholic sparkling apéritifs that come in bottles and cans.

“Katy was the ideal partner for De Soi,” McLachlan says in a press release. “With the sober-curious movement on the rise, we saw this as an exciting opportunity to take a refined approach to mindful consumption.”

Perry says the partnership with AMASS allowed the creation of apéritifs that “allow me to be my brightest and most dynamic self without giving up the complex taste and stress-soothing effect I look for in a celebratory drink or nightcap.”

De Soi founders Katy Perry and Morgan McLachlan
AMASS co-founder Morgan McLachlan and Katy Perry are behind the new De Soi nonalcoholic beverages.

Dana Boulos

The trio of flavors each have varying effects. Golden Hour combines green tea, maca, and lemon balm to create a mood-boosting drink that is balanced with citrus notes. 

Champignon Dreams blends reishi mushroom and passionflower to create a sparkling, fruity beverage to “ease you into the evening,” according to a press release. 

The third flavor, Purple Lune, is described as being “complex, but not exhausting” and uses ingredients like ashwagandha and tart cherry to “bring your body into balance.”

The full-size bottles make a great gift for the non-drinkers in your life, or those who are simply trying to drink less, while the can versions are perfect for a picnic or solo sip. Both are available for purchase from De Soi’s website. For more updates and information on future launches, follow the brand on Instagram.