Potatoes with old-fashioned appeal

Going on a picnic? Barbecuing in the backyard? Hot dogs? Hamburgers? Steaks? Salmon? Regardless of how you celebrate our nation’s birthday, potato salad belongs in the picture. This particular recipe has roots (pun intended). My great-aunt Nora, the last of the family on the Kansas homestead, made the world’s best bread-and-butter pickles, and they were the magical ingredient in her potato salad. By July, she’d already had time to make a batch of the pickles using cucumbers from her garden. Sometimes the potatoes in the garden were big enough to dig for the salad, too. That was long ago, but my appetite for a really great potato salad is still keen. Now, it’s bread-and-butter pickles from the store and buttery yellow Yukon gold potatoes that satisfy my taste buds and nourish memories too.

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