Serve these adorable cakes at Easter brunch and watch everyone’s surprise when they discover the lemon curd “yolk” in the center

Go rogue this Easter: forego painted Easter eggs and decorate egg-shaped cakes instead. Start by buying or making a loaf of pound cake. Using cookie cutters, create egg shapes in the pound cake. Cut each “egg” loaf in half vertically and then use a small, circular spoon to scoop out an indent in the middle—it should look like an avocado does after you sever it in half and remove the pit. Fill the holes you’ve created with lemon curd. Put the halves back together, creating sets of egg loafs once more. (Just imagine the delight on your guests’ faces when they discover the lemon curd “yolk” in the center!) Now it’s time for decoration. Combine powdered sugar, lemon extract, light corn syrup, and hot water, and beat to combine. Heat over the stove until the mixture’s consistency is thin and pourable, and then douse the eggs. Once the liquid topping sets, take the decoration a step further. You can use colored gel icing—here we use pink and yellow—to adorn the egg cakes with flowers, or paint patterns with gold pearl dust. No matter how you express yourself artistically, the result will be a collection of cute cakes that’ll brighten up your Easter menu.

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